(Yakult Factory, Seremban)

Hey guys!! Today I got an exciting post to write about. It is about my trip to the Yakult Factory in Seremban. 

For the past few weeks, I was feeling not myself and I will get grumpy all day and I just want everything to end. So when I heard about this trip, I was quite excited that I could get like a getaway for one day. Just a day spent with friends. I LOVE field trips because you get to ride on that bus with your friends and just enjoying the long bus ride to your destination and I don't know... I just really love the environment. 

We arrived at the factory around 10am and we immediately proceed for the factory tour. First the tour guide brought us into this room for some explaining about Yakult and she showed us this video about people with a certain sickness that received help from Yakult and the funny thing about the video was the audio. The video was probably in English but they changed it to Bahasa Melayu and it was HILARIOUS!!!! I mean the video was so inspirational but they just HAD to change it to Bahasa. My friends and I just couldn't stop laughing. 

After the whole video thing, they distribute free Yakults for each one of us and also these small post its that has 'Yakult' written all over it.

We were then taken to see their factory. One word...AWESOME! The whole process was very impressive. From the bottle making, to actually MAKING THE DRINK, to packaging and not forget all the testing. In the testing room you can see all these quality control people in white robes playing with all the substances to make Yakult better and it was just amazing!

After the tour, we head back down to the lobby and bought ourselves a packet of Yakult and of course... take pictures. 

Here are some pictures.....

(Yakult Founder)

(Yakult from all over the world)

(Some pictures with friends 💕)

After we got back on the bus, we made a little pit stop at the nearest R&R and have our lunches there together and went back to MSU after that.

Overall it was a good day and everything went smoothly from the beginning till the end and it was a day to remember of course hehe.

Yours Truly

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