Hey there!!!

So the year is ending and honestly, I can't wait for the year to end. 2016 in two words for me is 'a mess' haha. 

So since people are starting to tell everyone their new year wishes so maybe I'll share some of mine.

But before that, last weekend, I had a great one. On christmas eve, my former boss/manager from the tuition centre I used to work at got married and I went to her reception. One word...emotional. Everything was so beautiful and elegant. It was not one of those big, expensive, fancy wedding but it was BEAUTIFUL and PERFECT to the level I actually criedddd!!!! The bride and groom was perfect, their wedding attire was gorgeous, the ballroom was amazing (them chandeliers😍) and most importantly I get to reunite with my friends that I haven't seen in so long. Some of them are from school and some from work. When I saw them, I realized how grown up we all are. Now I want to cry some more hahaha. But it's true, some of us has dates, husbands and even kids. Time really do flies. 

Okay enough chit chatting, here comes picturessss....

(one with the bride and groom💜)

(one with gorgeous ladies👸)

After the day ended, the excitement didn't end there. The next day (December 26) I went to a birthday party at my grandmother's house in Kundang. It was my cousin's 2nd birthday! The whole fam bam was there and after most of the guests went home, they plugged in the karaoke system and everyone starts singing and dancing and just have fun! 

Highlight of the day was when my sister won the musical chair! hahaha 
I know it is childish but if you were there, you would know how I feel hahaha.

So here are some pictures from that day...

(matching hijab style with mum. she was like "how did you do that? i want like that also")


So that sums up my weekend! 

And yeah about the new year wish, all I want for 2017 is to be happy...genuinely and to have a more stable social life and basically for everything to run smoothly without MAJOR hiccups. I know it is kind of impossible but I just want to be less stress in 2017. AND I'M TURNING 21!!! HAHAHA I AM SO EXCITED!!!

See you guys soon!

Love, Nadia💋

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