When talking about personal style, it is almost similar to when talking about personal branding. It is something you do, say or wear to declare who you are as a person. In other words, personal style or branding is how you want to be recognized in this world like, a girly girl, hipster, minimalist and pretty much everything you want to be known for.

As for me, finding my personal style was a struggle... a very long, hard, super duper struggle. I used to copy other people's styles and try to turn it into my own and I end up with the one problem that most girls have...insecurities.

I've been trying to dress myself like somebody who has different body types compared to me and I've been acting the way I know that it's not me and it makes it hard for me to accept myself because I was too busy being someone I'm not.

When I was 18, I slowly found my personal style bit by bit but what I wasn't prepared for was "What if my body completely changed?" and it DID! I panicked and I end up with insecurities AGAIN! 

For the past two years, I have gained a total of 10kgs and it was hard for me. I didn't even realised it until my friends starts to point it out to me which was worse than finding it out on your own. I didn't know what to do and I was lost. 

After knowing how much I have gained, I completely gave up on presenting myself properly and I was a complete mess in the way I present myself and my confidence was nowhere to be found. 

So a few weeks ago, I decided to switched up my daily outfits and put in some of my personal touch and it WORKED! I felt confident, I wasn't self conscious about my outfit, I was comfortable and I felt good about myself. I finally know how to accept my body (but I am still working on getting fit again ✊) and I learn how to dress myself WITHOUT copying someone else's style (I mean you CAN follow what other people wear, but not until you keep feeling self conscious about it). I have found MY personal style.

I don't have a specific type for my personal style but when I present myself to the world, I want the world to see me as someone who will not be bothered by what society thinks of me. I WILL wear something that I feel comfortable, I WILL wear what I feel good in and you know what? It feels great! ESPECIALLY when someone compliments on it hehe 😉. 

So to all girls or guys out there, if you still haven't found your personal style, just wear what makes you feel good. You dont need to be a "trend" victim and looks exactly like everyone else. Wear what makes You wanna mix patterns on your outfit? DO IT! Wanna wear leopard print from head to toe? DO IT! Cause in the end of the day, it's about how YOU feel about yourself. NOT what the society thinks of you.

So express yourself through your own personal style and you might be surprised on how much it will affect your confidence. Don't be afraid and give it a try 💕

Love, Your's Truly

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