(Tofu and Mushroom Stew)


So yesterday I went out with two of my girls, Faz and Hanna and we had the best of times. Due to busy schedules, we haven't had the chance to sit together during lunch and just catch up with everything until yesterday. 

We went to this new mall called 'Utropolis Marketplace' and we had our lunch at a korean restaurant called 'Oiso' which leads to the highlight of our day yesterday.

At the restaurant, the lady whom I think owns the restaurant is from korea and she speaks ONLY KOREAN!!! So from the moment we walked in until we left, she only speaks in korean. 

While we were eating, she came by our booth to give us refills for our side dishes and she saw one of my friend there that didn't eat her vegies and she literally starts mumbling in korean and started to do hand signals as if she was about to beat the hell out of my friend for not eating her vegies hahahahah!

I would highly recommend this restaurant because the price really suits the amount of food served and the service was very nice despite the language issues haha (there are workers there that can speak english so don't worry and the lady was nice okay! she just wants you to finish your meal or god will get angry which HE will.)

After our meal, we thanked the lady for our meals and went out to take some photos. Honestly there's not much place to take photos there but we managed.

Here are some of our pictures from yesterday :)

(Me and Faz or 'Faz & Slow' as she would've called it *Fast & Furious reference)

(Me and Hanna Banana)

(The three of us <3)

(Couldn't skip the chance for an ootd for myself hehe *photo creds to Hanna and Faz's camera :D)

Overall, yesterday was a day filled with laughter, love and memories that I will keep since I don't have a lot of girl friends so I shall cherish every one of them more haha. 

That is all for now and remember to always cherish your friends and keep making memories with them while you still can :)

Yours Truly,

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