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Hey there!!! I apologize for not posting for some time now and NO I did not forget about you but I have been so so so BUSY! I am currently in my second last semester for my Diploma and the subjects are a bit more challenging this semester. But despite all that, I am planning to achieve my goals on getting a Dean's List Award this semester. To get a Dean's List Award, you have to score a pointer of 3.50 and above and I am really keeping my fingers crossed to achieve them this semester.

Ever since the semester started, I have change some of my bad habits like:

- Completing tasks at the very last minute
- Coming late to class
- Hanging out with friends until late at night
- Getting sidetracked with other entertainment
- Complaining and whining about lecturers
- Complaining and whining about the subjects
- Not doing revisions after class
- Too afraid to ask for help from lecturers or classmates
- Care for people that never see you as their first choice
- Care way too much about what people think of me

... and the list goes on forever haha.

What I'm trying to say here is, all this time I was too afraid to let go of some things and by learning it from the hard way, all these bad habits brings nothing but bad decisions, bad grades, bad friends and all things BAD. 

I also learn that in life, there will be people that look down on you just because you hit rock bottom a few times. There's also going to be people that won't help you out because they think you are not on the same level as them so here I am trying to PROVE THEM WRONG!

So minus all negativity, I am really hoping this semester and this month will be filled with good things and I am really looking forward to improve myself everyday.

I know that this post has nothing awesome in it but I don't feel sorry for writing it but instead I want to thank to those who are reading this. Till next time (I promise I will write something better hehe...)

Love,Yours Truly

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