We went to 'Teh Tarik Place' for some popiah and cucur udang

Hey there welcome back!! 

So a few days back I went out with my youngest sister alone and I kinda wish it never ends. While I was hanging out with her, I realized that she is no longer a little girl anymore. Yeah she might act like a five year old most of the time but who doesn't? 

So as we talked throughout the evening, she was telling me about her life, friends, family and college plans and it hits me even harder realizing that she has really grown out from all the small girl talks like barbies or accessories and what not. She is actually talking about reality. 

She is four years younger than me and I never knew that in a blink of an eye, she almost graduating high school *sobs.

Where did all the time go? 

I still remember fighting with her over a toy but now we can have actual conversations, getting ready together, wear make up together and gossip about the same thing. She's no longer the sister that you keep secrets from, she is now the sister that you keep a secret with.

She used to be the youngest among us before the step-siblings and the half brothers walked in. So to get the spotlight taken away from her is something I can totally relate to since I was alone for three years before my second sister was born. But throughout the years, I have learned how to cope with that feeling but when it comes to my youngest sister, she didn't have all the time that I had so I guess it is up to me to give her all the attention now. 

I'm currently staying a bit further from her for my studies and she would text me just to have small talks or private talks about everything that concerns her and sometimes I feel bad when I couldn't be there for her because of the distance between us.

She can be a bit trying at times with her mood swings and tantrums but with time, I finally understand her and I will try to make her feel better.  

What I'm trying to say is that siblings are the enemies that you can't get rid of. You will fight like crazy and swear to never talk to each other again but you will end up forgiving them anyways. They can be the ones who annoys you but in the same time they can be the ones to make you feel better. 

My biggest mistake as the eldest sister would probably pushing them away when they were younger. All they wanted was my attention but I was too busy trying to impress people that was never there for me.

I only talk about my youngest sister because I spent the day with her alone recently. It is not the matter of favourites or anything don't get me wrong.

Lastly, do spend time with your siblings while you can. Cause soon, all of them will be busy with work, marriage and kids and you could only wish you had all those time back. 

That is all for this week I hope I touch someone's heart with this post. For those who would love to know how my sister look like or just to simply say hello, you can follow her on instagram (@aliazakerii) 

In advance I am wishing all muslims a Selamat Hari Raya Haji.

Love, yours truly

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