A pic of me back when i went to Singapore hehe

My full name is Nadia Nasuha Zakeri and I was born on 6th of June 1996. I am currently studying at MSU Shah Alam taking Diploma in Accountancy. I am the eldest in my family that includes three biological siblings (including me), three step-siblings and three half brothers (complicated? I know haha). I lived in a small neighbourhood called Taman Melawati but there are rumors around the house that we might move someplace else (excited). 

Next, I am not a blog virgin. I had a few blogs before this but it was filled with teenage rants and whines and I never want to go back there (seriously you DO NOT want to go there). 

About this blog, a few days back I deleted this blog because when I was trying on the templates, it turns into a disaster and I literally cried myself to sleep (I'm a perfectionist that way). But after watching a few tutorial videos and A LOT of googling, I finally figure it out and I FINALLY love love love the way my blog looks. It still has a few things that needs to be fixed but I will soon learn some more about all the codings *sighs.

In this blog, I will try my best to include tutorials (make up, hijab..etc), busting myths (lol), some life hacks and anything that YOU want to see me write or do. I am still considering on starting a YouTube page because I find it a bit intimidating (but I want to try) and I need to learn about the editing stuffssss.

Alright that is all I got for you at the moment and it means a lot to me for those who are reading this (you guys are awesome! *virtual hugs) and do follow me on twitter and instagram so y'all can know me bettaaahh! (twitter and insta name on top bar. don't click it because it is not functioning yet haha) 

love, yours truly 

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