Hello earthlings!! So today I wanna talk about something that has been getting my attention and that is 'MINIMALISM'. In general, minimalism means you own a very minimal amount of stuff or living a very very simple and organized life.

Recently I have been watching Carly Cristman on YouTube and I swear she is AHMAZING!!! I love everything about her. Her confidence, her style, her silver hair and her loft!! You should try and watch her videos and you will see why I love her and why I decided to be a minimalist.

First of all, I am a serious hoarder like SERIOUSLY! from pictures to clothes and other random stuff like I always buy things that I either already own one or something that has the same purpose which is not good. Other than that, I come to realised that my life has not been organised like it was before and I have been living in the most unhealthy lifestyle and I now realised that I need to change it before it's too late. Back in my high school days, I have always taken good care of my health and I have always been in good shape until recently. For the past few months, when people saw me they will be all "hey did u gain weight?" or "hey where did those cheeks come from?" and in THAT moment, I know something is not right and instead of taking it in the most negative way and be insecure about it (which I did for a whole month), I try to be positive about it and let it motivate me instead. 

So my first step on becoming a minimalist and going for a more organised and healthy lifestyle is by decluttering EVERYTHING from clothes, random stuff, PEOPLE and the list goes on forever. For a hoarder like me, I find it very challenging when it comes to decluttering because when I start to declutter, then all these thoughts about "what if I need it in the future?" or "I spent a lot on these" will automatically pops in my head and I will start to keep all those stuff back the way it was BUT! this time I actually DID IT! and I swear I have never been more happier having less stuff haha! *patting myself on the back

As for my health, I am trying to start going to the gym or just do some simple workouts at home. I am currently doing some research on proper workouts because I'm not that good when it comes to REALLY working out (I don't know why) so I am just waiting for my final exams to be over so I can start with my new routine and if you have any tips on the best workouts do let me know (if there's any reader out there) because I can really use the help. 

To start organizing is another story. Recently I have been using this app in my phone that one of my former roommate recommended and it has been very useful. It is called 'timetable' and I know it sounded like the usual school timetable which it is but I tweak it a little and I turn it into my personal planner. I used to keep journals but I end up writing everything down in my phone and forgot to transfer it into the journal. So for me, the app is really helpful because I carry my phone literally EVERYWHERE. You can simply download the app on Google Play Store (I'm an android user) and I think it is also available on the AppStore for iPhone users.

Here are some minimalist concept that iLOVE!

That is all i got for you all (for now) until next post *winks

Love, yours truly

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